07.12.2011: "This is the project of life for those we are interested in" (fr)

26.11.2011: 5th meeting of the Mont Blanc (fr)

09.11.2011: The future taken in hand by youth (fr)

26.10.2011: Public authorities and civil society (fr)

12.10.2011: Different way of housing (fr)

29.09.2011: The first CIG in the North (de)

14.09.2011: Engaged to design a different world (fr)

31.08.2011: Solidarity economy gives a juridical base (de)

17.08.2011: A real future for our society (de)

27.07.2011: It doesn't hold concurrence for private sector (de)

13.07.2011: Relevant and helpful projects for citizens (de)

07.07.2011: The image of OPE - improvement of the network (de)

29.06.2011: Life at the height (fr)

16.06.2011: The crises demonstrate the need of CIGR (de)

01.06.2011: There is no tension between private companies (de)

18.05.2011: A refreshing and active recreation in the garden (fr)

04.05.2011: ParticipAction: so that each brings its building block! (fr)

20.04.2011: Third international conference on social economy (fr)

08.04.2011: RIPESS International in action (fr)

23.03.2011: The future of Solidarity-based Economy (fr)

09.03.2011: The story of the foolish locomotive... (fr)

23.02.2011: The crisis of crisis? (fr)

09.02.2011: Universal income (de)

26.01.2011: To construct another economy (fr)

12.01.2011: A man with his dreams in the centre (fr)

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