09.12.2010: The RIPESS Europe plans its foundation congress (fr)

25.11.2010, La voix: The map of solidarity (fr)

25.11.2010, Le Quotidien: The solidarity economy back on track (fr)

25.11.2010, Le Jeudi: For an economy based more on solidarity (fr)

24.11.2010: The changement in the social politics paradigma is unavoidable (de)

10.11.2010: The 3rd forum on SSIG (fr)

27.10.2010: The social economy is a priority (fr)

13.10.2010: The Passo project (fr)

29.09.2010: An alternative: is it possible? (fr)

15.09.2010: The cooperatives within the plural economy (fr)

25.08.2010, La Voix: At the service of the common good (fr)

14.07.2010: A fellow, from the beginning on... (de)

01.07.2010: The Pactes locaux introduces itself in Mulhouse (fr)

16.06.2010: A shared language for SSE (fr)

05.06.2010, Le Quotidien: The economy at the service of man (fr)

02.06.2010: Under the solidary sun (fr)

19.05.2010: Straighten the influence on governments (fr)

05.05.2010: An eco-friendly ride to Fribourg (fr)

21.04.2010: A call for participation (fr)

14.04.2010: Fair Trade (fr)

01.04.2010, Le Jeudi: To be in or out, that is the question! (fr)

26.03.2010, Journal: A mapping of actors in sight (fr)

26.03.2010, Zeitung Vum Lëtzebuerger Vollek: An indispensable tool (fr)

26.03.2010, Luxemburger Wort: Learning from Brasil (de)

26.03.2010, LaVoix: Information on the map (fr)

26.03.2010, Le Quotidien: Mapping of solidarity-based economy (fr) 

26.03.2010: An act of social resistance (de)

24.03.2010: Questions to ask (fr)

10.03.2010: The words I like to hear... (de)

24.02.2010: How much time is there left? (de)

10.02.2010: "Elaborating the theoretical corpus..." (fr)

27.01.2010: Adventures of  INEES in Brasil (fr)

13.01.2010: Solidarity based economy in the field (lu)

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